Sunset Beach Mural

This is my latest mural project!  It was a complete joy to work on this beach house.  The name of the cottage is the Starlight, thus the phrase, “Wish Upon a Sea Star” was chosen to adorn this home.  Seahorses and starfish make this vacation home a truly unique place to stay.  Usually I work with just spray paint, but this time I used home paint with a brush.  I feel like the end result turned out just like the mock up art and that made me pretty happy.  If you are interested in making your rental property a little more exciting and unique, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to work up an idea and bid for you.  Jennifer at 727-215-3605.

The details:  Gorgeous 1,500 sq. ft. Starlight Cottage is available mid September for annual rentals. This totally renovated cottage is complete with dock & wet slip. On the intercoastal & 2 minute walk to Sunset beach.  (St. Petersburg, FL area)  If you have any questions about renting this beach home,  contact Pam at 727-896-1000.


Street Art for the Ladies


I’m working on new art work for a street art show at the Morean Arts Center in October.  This work incorporates two of my favorite things– buffed wall photographs and embroidery.  Five years ago  I went on early morning alley walk-abouts in St. Petersburg, FL. On my walks I photographed the buffed walls.  The City paints grey, or whatever color they have, rectangles over graffiti.  The interesting part about using photos that are five years old is that none of those walls look like that anymore.  I printed my photos on fabric and have begun hand sewing my Gretchen character on walls she’d like to own.  I think being a female street artist can be a struggle and I’ve been told that my character is too cute to be taken seriously.  Despite the negativity, I persist.  This tongue-n-cheek piece combines the idea of a male dominated art form with traditional women’s work.

New Kosharek Art Whimsical Fabric!

Every now and then I get around to inventing a fabric design and posting it on SPOONFLOWER.  Spoonflower is a website where you can your own fabric printed.  I’ve used it for years to make my dolls and now to design fabric that you can buy by the yard.  This Kona cotton is printed beautifully and shows off all my favorite designs.  I think the fabric would be just dandy for little girl’s dresses, minky fabric plush pillows and canvas totes.  I love the idea that you can buy a fabric that literally only a handful of people will have.  If you are looking for unique… look no further!

Here is the link to my Spoonflower site! 

Thank you to my model for making the fabric look good.